What is the Best Ninja Coffee Bar right for you?

By | August 7, 2018

If your day always starts with a cup of coffee, it is highly recommended that you should invest in a Ninja Coffee Bar whose brand comes with a range of drip coffee maker and variety of features that will fit every user.

We hope the reviews below will help you to find the best one for your brewing.

#1 Ninja Coffee Bar CF097

If you had known an interesting machine CF085Z, one of the best-selling product up to date, CF097 is an upgrade of it. CF097 does not only owns all the advanced features of CF085Z but also comes with a detachable water reservoir and thermal flavor extraction technology which serve you the best taste of your coffee. With this machine, it offers you both cold coffee and cappuccino or espresso.

One of the outstanding feature of this machine is Auto IQ that provides you effortless experience by one touch to selecting the type of coffee you want; then the water to be used will be determined by this machine. Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty and Cafe Forte can be brewed in this coffee maker. In addition, the carafe is a 50 oz. and a stainless steel Thermal can remain hot for at least an hour.

#2 Ninja Coffee Bar CF091

Just like CF097, it owns all the required features for the coffee machine and can serve 10 cups in a single brewing. Therefore, if you have a big family or prefer to host guests at home, this machine is best right for you.

This machine comes with 50 oz. glass carafe and a built-in frother, which lands all fancy coffee lovers in utopia. With the robust Specialty and Café Forte techniques, the coffee always has a full-bodied taste and texture. It also creates milk and cream coffees; however, it does not come with a milk steamer that requires the milk must be steamed separately before frothing.

Classic, Rich, Over-Ice, Specialty and Cafe Forte can be brewed in this coffee maker.

#3 Ninja Coffee Bar CF112

This model is the best single serve coffee maker. With a 22 22 oz. multi-serve hot and cold tumbler, it’s perfect for making coffee for a family of four or small gathering. . This machine is clean, neat and multi-function. It does not take so much time to clean it and helps you saving time.

This machine comes with a lot of interesting features. Especially, an outstanding feature of this machine is that it’s equipped with a useful hot and cold built-in frother that allows you to create a lot of new coffee recipes with the different brews. It is compatible with cup sizes of Cup, XL Cup, Travel cup/mug and XL Multi-Serve.

Additionally, with the Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction technology, that helps in extracting the ground to its fullest and making a perfect and rich flavor coffee.

#4 Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF085Z

If you are looking for a productive under-budget coffee maker, it is highly recommended to buy this machine. Although this is a budget machine, it offers you premium quality brews which was one of the reason it is one of the best-selling coffee maker in the market.

This machine always serves a rich and flavorful cup of Joe because it grounds the beans always evenly and perfectly. Furthermore, your coffee can remain hot up to 2 hours by the thermally insulated carafe that comes with double stainless walls.

Its size is 15 inches and fits perfectly in most kitchen styles with neutral and dark colors. This machine does not serve XL cup and XL multi-serve cups as well as not having a built-in frother, but you can buy it separately.

#5 Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer CF080Z

This model and the CF085Z above are the same with the exception of the carafes. The CF080Z has the thermal carafe. If you are looking a mid-priced model with premium quality brews, this coffee maker is made for you. It is not only for home use but also for office..

This machine comes with detachable water reservoir and a hot and cold insulated tumbler measuring 18 oz that can serve serving 3 – 4 people at a time. Like other mid-priced coffee makers, this model does not have a built-in frother and does not fit in in XL, and XL multi-serve cups.


If you are looking for a perfect Ninja Coffee Bar that can satisfy your each and every need, CF097 and Ninja Coffee Bar CF091 are the top picks. But, if you have limited budget, go for CF112, which offers amazing features at a decent price.

If you are looking for a perfect Ninja Coffee Bar that can entertain your each and every need, CF097 is the ultimate choice. But, if you have some budget constraints, go for CF112 that provides amazing features at a reasonable price.

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